The Bridal Guide

The Bridal Guide

Ten things you need to know about buying your wedding dress from The Mews.

We carry a range of collections that offer a variety of price points to suit different budgets, ranging from £1,500 to £4,000. This does not include alteration fees.

In our experience, 10 months is the ideal length of time. This will enable you to have a couple of months gathering ideas and inspiration but still leave you with an adequate amount of time to place your order in accordance with our designers’ lead times. The more shops you initially visit and the longer you wait to place your order, the more stressful things will become.

Choosing your wedding dress should be both enjoyable and fun, which is why we celebrate this uniquely wonderful experience with a glass of bubbles when you walk through our door.

Our initial appointments are an hour long, during which you can expect to try on a selection of different gowns. We advise you to keep an open mind and try some styles that we suggest, even if you think you might not like them; you’ll be surprised at what suits you and what doesn’t. We often present a suggestion that you fall in love with and sometimes you’ll discover something you had your heart set on simply doesn’t work at all.

Our bridal stylists will help you choose a dress that compliments not only the design concept for your day, but also your body shape and, most importantly, your personality.

As with all bridal boutiques, our dresses are sample sizes, meaning that it’s unlikely that they will fit you perfectly. Don’t worry, we will do our best to give you an indication of how the same dress would look in your size, but some imagination may be required to envisage how the dress will sit once it’s made to your nearest measurements. However, you’ll definitely know when you’ve found the one; it’s an indescribable feeling of euphoria when you know that you’re wearing your dress!

In the excitement of trying on wedding dresses, it’s really tempting to bring everyone you know, but we can tell you as a matter of fact that this tends to lead to disaster!

Too many opinions can be conflicting, confusing and overwhelming, so we suggest a maximum of three guests – mother of the bride, maid of honour and a trusted friend or relative is usually sufficient.

You are going to be hopping in and out of dresses, so first of all we suggest you wear underwear that you don’t mind being seen in! It might seem obvious, but do try to wear flesh-coloured, seamless underwear if possible (neon thongs tend to show up beneath delicate material!).

Alongside this, try to wear a good, uplifting strapless bra. Bad underwear affects the way material sits whereas good underwear will help the gown look its best. We can provide shoes for your appointment, but as soon as you’ve purchased your actual wedding shoes, make sure to bring them along to all subsequent appointments as these will affect your alterations later on.

Essentially, the sooner you place your order the better, as this will eliminate any unnecessary stress. 6-8 months covers the whole process from ordering to alterations, and we strongly advise you to adhere to this. In certain circumstances, we can place a rush order with certain designers up to four months before the wedding, but this incurs an extra charge and increased stress levels!

Fittings take place two months before your wedding date. Our late night appointments are on a Thursday, giving all our working brides extra time to come and see us.

Approximately two months before your wedding date, your dress will be delivered to The Mews.

We will invite you to come in for a first fitting, where we can alter the hemline depending on the height of your heels and also make any other alterations where measurements may have changed. This will be particularly important if you’ve been on a bridal diet and your size may have fluctuated in the six months since you were measured. After our seamstresses have worked on your alterations, you’ll be invited back in for a final fitting.

We will then keep your gown safe at The Mews, steam or press it as appropriate and have it ready for collection during the week before your wedding.

Once you have purchased your actual gown, you are more than welcome to take pictures. Prior to this point, however, we discourage taking photos as they generally give a false impression of the dress and it can be distressing for a bride to see her beloved gown covered in pins and suchlike!

We require a non-refundable deposit at the time of purchase which is the equivalent of 50% of the full amount of the dress. The balance of your dress plus any extra alteration fees (in the case of bespoke customisations) are due when you come for your first fitting. Please be aware that we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges and that all sales are therefore final.

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